Is your pricing right? It could be too high or too low but how do you evaluate this with confidence? How do your costs compare and what ratio of cost types to income should apply?

Cash flow is the ultimate control factor. It is the barometer of the business. How can this be managed and what does your cash management tell you about the short term survival prospects of your business? 

What type of funding should you opt for? How do you go about it? How can you convince investors to take a risk with your business?

Sales and customers are increasing but this creates new problems and threats. You need to change structure and improve systems. How you adapt will determine whether you survive. What is overtrading and why is it such a threat?

Exigo is a business consultancy offering practical, flexible and affordable finance support to help small businesses achieve their goals.
Based in Chobham, Surrey, Exigo is headed by Julian Woolcock, a  CIMA qualified accountant with over 25 years of blue chip cross-industry experience.
Whether it be for building and delivering business plans or simple day to day support, we bring the expertise of a large consultancy without the price tag.
Our “quasi FD” service takes away the financial management burden and provides information and  analysis to aid decision making, leaving entrepreneurs free to concentrate on what they do best.  
We have a number of illustrative packages. 
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