What is a "quasi" Finance Director?

Businesses who hire an FD are much more likely to be offered finance by bankers or investors – because lenders and investors believe that companies with an FD consistently outperform those without. The cost of hiring a full time FD may be unmanageable for some businesses, particularly start ups, and a more palatable option is to engage consultant who steps into the role of FD temporarily, otherwise known as a "Quasi" FD.

A Quasi FD is able to forecast a company’s finances accurately and construct a long-term business plan including a P&L, cash flow and balance sheet. They are also able to represent the business and its financial metrics to the lender taking this, sometimes awkward, task away from the entrepreneur.

To be able to introduce an FD in important meetings will give lenders comfort. We can act in this role and help with the formulation and presentation of the financial projections. We can also help you prepare for discussions with lenders/investors by reviewing the business case in advance of the meeting.

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